Penn State Headlines

Readers can choose from more than 40 Headlines Issues

Do you want news specific to a Penn State college or campus?

Do you want more news about arts, health, diversity, sports or other topics of general interest?

While all faculty, staff and students receive Penn State Today, it is just one of more than 40 Headlines issues, which deliver Penn State-related news directly to individual email inboxes. All of the Penn State campuses and most of the academic colleges have Headlines issues that distribute news on a weekly schedule, targeting these specific audiences.

Individuals may sign up for Headlines issues of particular interest at To complete the registration, you will need to respond to an email confirmation.

General topic Headlines issues include:

— Alumni: A once-per-month email of news tailored for Penn State alumni

— Arts and Entertainment: News about events and faculty related to music, theater, comedy, dance, art exhibits, music, television and other arts

— Health and Wellness: Health and wellness advice, research and events

— Diversity: An array of news highlighting diversity and inclusion at Penn State

— Sports: Scores, events, accomplishments and accolades related to Penn State athletics

— Philanthropy: A once-per-month snapshot of news related to gifts to the University